what we do

We are the designers and makers of Seeka and Yoolie’s

Creating original and beautiful work by mating tradition and technology to stay competitive in an import-saturated marketplace
Introducing vibrancy, color, and lots of fun to the Judaica space
All are designed and handmade in our Brooklyn, New York studio
Selling directly to retail stores nationwide.

Our Story


Seeka High-tech meets fine art in this body of works by Israeli-born artists, Nachshon Peleg and Stavit Allweis.  Colliding in New York and falling in love, they bring to the age-old craft of Judaica, advanced technology infused with traditional symbols and playful strokes of whimsy, color, and fun.

Conceived in 1997, the line was warmly and successfully welcomed into a US marketplace thirsty for a new visual manifestation of Judaic heritage. Seeka has been a prominent force at the forefront of the resurgent field of contemporary Judaic design ever since.

“We start with precision-cut stainless steel frames. Within these frames, the design is hand-painted with acrylic and metallic paints. Various materials from metals and glass to dyed seeds are assembled within. Stones and crystals are embedded and a thick layer of acrylic resin is poured to encase and protect the finished piece. Finally, after several days of curing, the piece is polished, twisted, glued, and assembled to form the finished work”

We love what we do and, thanks to you, we feel fortunate to be able to do it.

Stavit and Nachshon

Artists, Founders, Owners

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